Esther Sitali
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Who is Esther Sitali?

I am an wholesale strategist for creative people.  

I love to help creative people, develop the best wholesale strategy and action plan to make real money selling their products into the retailers of their choice. It is my joy to see brands I have worked with land in retailers and grow globally.

Wholesale is one of the best ways to grow and establish a brand and I can help you do that

How to sell your product to retailers

I am a wholesale strategist & consultant

I work with new or emerging brands to help get them started and established in wholesale. Working one-on-one with product developers of all sizes I ensure they can make money creating what they love by selling into retailers whether that be locally or globally. No matter the need I can create a personalised strategy with you, and make sure you are equipped to go and build a sustainable wholesale business 



I am an ethical & sustainable brand ambassador

I do not believe we have to die for fashion! I have wondered for years how I can combine my skill set in a way that creates a better way of life for women in developing countries. Instead of having to leave fashion and retail. I am using my voice and contacts to establish wholesale channels for sustainable & ethical brands to be more visible in retailers, through my platform NYA Brands. I believe economic empowerment through the partnering of brands with artisans in the developing world is beautiful and must be championed - Trade and Not AID!. I believe that we can love the earth and its inhabitants and look great

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Keynote Speaker, Workshop Host

I love encouraging and equipping creative people to make a living from selling into retailers. I believe that artists do not have to starve, but can instead make money selling their products wholesale. I speak on the use of retailers to expand business and establish your brand globally.

I speak on the need to engage with retailers, to make ethical & sustainable brands more accessible for consumers, I speak on wholesale to build a strong entrepreneurial journey, I speak on the need for Trade vs Aid for the developing world - particularly Africa

 SheHive London - Keynote Speaker 

Ultra Education - Wholesale Workshops