The VIP Group

The VIP Group


This is for those who want a one on one special, intense wholesale coaching.


I will give you one-on-one wholesale training, coaching and guidance.


You will be first port of call for ALL retail buyers’ enquirers.


You will get:


-       Email marketing campaign – To select buyers inline with your brand

-       Online wholesale showroom – Access to my exclusive online wholesale platform. Where you can create a virtual showroom. Where buyers can search for your brand, communicate directly to you by messenger and buy directly from your showroom

-       Brand strategy guidance – Know how and where to present your brand at showroom, in retail pitches, and retail pop-ups.

-       Brand Confidence Training – Understand the best parts about your brand and know how to communicate those to buyers

-       Brand story development for wholesale

-       Brand pack – Which includes, line sheet, wholesale catalogue, look-book, order forms

-       B2B Marketing strategy Learn how to communicate you message effectively to get buyers into your brand

-       Email template – Get a sales email template, that you can tweak and use to ensure you sell your brand via email

-       4 Email blasts – Have your brand sent to in an email sequence to relevant buyers in an email campaign


In this VIP group you will have access to retail buyer’s information.


This VIP group will also be given full wholesale management for 6 weeks, by me.


PLUS: 7 hours one on one with me within 8 weeks of purchase.

PLUS: How to sell to retails guidebook

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