Retail Accountability for Sustainable Fashion

So, I just popped into the Cooperative supermarket for milk. I saw a lovely sign



Responsible food is at the forefront for many large retailers Cooperative, Asda, Tesco you see signs everywhere. The labelling on Tesco bananas lets us know we are buying into fair trade bananas - which is great! Sainsbury's, Asda all the same. 

I just wonder when we will take this same responsible and fair trade approach into fashion industry. I know it's not an easy task to clean up the world' second dirtiest industry. However, I do believe that accountability from the powers that be, can help in establishing long-term change. We need a mandate. 

Fashion Revolution has started the campaign of encouraging brands to show us, who are making our clothes. And I salute that movement, the disconnect between our end brands and the people who make them as I mentioned in my previous post has led to gross injustices as we have these faceless humans working away in countries unfamiliar to us, so we lose touch with the fact that these are real people trying to make a real sustainable and fair living. But when we connect our clothes to people, their faces and the environment maybe strong emotions will be evoked and a chain reaction of more positive long term change will be instilled. 

As you may know, my agenda is to introduce as many ethical and sustainable brands as possible into retailers. I can not wait for the day I walk into Topshop or Selfridges or any high street retailer or boutique and find rails filled with clothes and shoes designed with eco-friendly materials and ethical standards, and where I can actually trace the source. I know it is coming, but we all must play our part.

Retail can no longer close their eyes to the glaring facts that buying unsustainable, unethical produce just cannot continue as it had before. We know too much to pretend.

The great news is that there are now many retailers like 69b Boutique right here in London who are changing the status quo and are buying into ethical and sustainable brands only!

I will continue to campaign on. But if you do see any retailers taking a stand for ethical and sustainable produce and practice let me know, it would be great to high light the change we want to see. 

Here's to many more global fashion changes for good for 2018!