It aint pretty!


So, there is still a huge gap here! its worrying that with all our human advances we still have unjust, unethical practices. 

Why Fashion why?..

According to British anti-slavery experts, some of the world tops brands including, top jewellery and cosmetics companies are failing to disclose slavery and trafficking risks in their operations and supply chains?...WHY?????

Under Britain's 2015 modern slavery act, all businesses with a turnover of more than $48million must produce an annual statement outlining actions they have taken to combat slavery in their supply chains. 

There is an estimated 24.9 million people forced into labour globally. And yet there is still a level of complacency from major companies and its comes from 'those that trumpet their corporate social responsibility' says CORE'S director Marilyn Croser.

Profits over people!

Cosmetics giants including L'Oreal and Estee lauder, make no mention of the risks of slavery associated with mica, a sparkly mineral used in make-up. 

Mica, comes from northeast India where around 20,000 children are estimated to work in hundreds of mica mines.


The are not the only major companies ,Tiffany and Pandora have also failed to include any detail on slavery and trafficking risks, despite estimates suggesting close to 1 million children work in gold mines. 

This is very disappointing! Why in 2017 are we still behaving like this?

As pretty as these finished products may look, there is pain in them.

This is not the world we can continue to live in.