Why I am committed to using wholesale to change the world & contribute to the world I want to see


I am a beautiful, proud African woman having a European experience. I am so grateful for the opportunities being raised on this side of planet earth has afforded me. The chance to have had an education, a chance to choose when and whom and if I marry, the chance to create a life and business I want. 

I love being African, I mean I looove being African. However, I am heartbroken when I hear of African girls being stopped from going to school when they reach puberty, African girls who are given in marriage before age, African girls being forced to be third wives to old men, or being sold to traffickers. This literally pains me, I feel it in my heart.  

I remember at the age of 18 touring Southern Africa and being hurt by the devasting poverty I saw and hearing the horror stories of the women affected by HIV in these countries, lack of education, lack of sanitary goods, lack of hope really. 

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I vowed, to myself I would be back one day to make a real difference!

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I always thought of doing the typical things you know, building an orphanage. building a school, building clean water wells. I couldn't work out how my business experiences here in the UK could complement or be of any use to women in Africa.

Until now!

I strongly believe that the economic empowerment of the African woman will have the greatest effect on the continent. Research has shown that to help a family a community out of poverty, you MUST help the woman.  

I have worked out how I might contribute to women, who are just like me but on the other side of the world living in part totally different lives and in part totally similar lives.

I will use my experience in wholesale. I commit to my online wholesale platform NYA Brands - NOT YOUR AVERAGE Brands, to champion and sell as many brands that directly employ African women. I may not be able to do much, but I can sell.

I have sold into most major retailers in the UK and now I can do so with purpose. Just last year, I helped a brand to private label for Boohoo Man and introduced them to Roman Originals (who have over 150 stores) I am confident that if I could do that for an ordinary brand I must be able to do more with a brand that has a purpose. 

Up until recently, I never fathomed what kind of global impact fashion has. Its mind blowing and magical all at once. Can you imagine that walking into a store, and buying dresses and bags can drastically change the lives of families in Africa?

Women being able to pay for school for their girls, women being able to pay for their own medicine, to be free to make choices about their lives.

Fashion can and should be circular, creating jobs in Africa whilst enjoying a shopping spree is amazing. I am committed to playing a small part in changing the world I live in. 

If you are equally committed and happen to be a brand or retailer. Please contact me to sign up to the online wholesale platform.