EKN Footwear - Embracing a circular economy

EKN Footwear - Sustainable footwear

What to do with an old tired way of producing footwear?..

Smash the status quo to pieces and innovate is what EKN Footwear decided to do. And how happy I am to see innovation in footwear, we don't have to do what we have always done. We can change the game, change the materials, change the treatment change it all! Thank you EKN..

Handmade - Check - EKN handcraft all their products from Portugal

Sustainable materials - Check - EKN use biological materials, not leather!

Harmful chemicals used in manufacturing - NOPE! EKN, produce in small quantities to ensure minimal environmental impact. 


No, it's not impossible to think circular and produce high quality, beautiful garments. 

The recent collab with Mr Bailey, a co-founder of cool CKLAB, shows the extent of the EKN sustainable pursuit. 

The Bamboo Runners, feature a plant-based, recycled neoprene upper, back or front lacing options, laser cut vegetable tanned leather, unique open book style heel loop, laser etched button logo and come with 2 x pairs of laces (white & tone on tone). This is a look at some of the design and development that went into the creation of the MrBailey x ekn footwear, Bamboo Runner. 

Mr BaileyXEKN bamboo-header.jpg