Nike Launches 50% Recycled Leather

Nike flyleather

Nike is continuing its commitment to sustainability with the introduction of the new 'Flyleather' a new leather super material made with 50% recycled leather and water power.

Hannah Jones, Nike chief sustainability officer and VP of innovation accelerator said, "the earth is the athlete's biggest playground, so one of our greatest opportunities is to create breakthrough product while protecting our planet"

This innovation has been developed to help Nike reduce the amount of leather its wastes manufacturing trainers, traditionally manufacturing can leave up to 30% of the cow hide discarded and often ending up in landfills. So instead Nike is now gathering up the discarded leather and turning them into fibres, to reuse with synthetic and fabric infrastructure via a hydro process to fuse everything into one material.

Tony Bignell, Nike VP of footwear innovation says, "unlike with traditional leathers, Flyleather can be produced with a consistent grade across a broader range of product"

As leather has the second-highest environmental impact on Nike' carbon emissions and water usage, its hoping that Flyleather can change that as this new material uses 90% less water and has an 80% lower carbon footprint than traditional leather manufacturing.

Well done to Nike, being sustainable doesn't have to be a compromise on style, aesthetics or function.

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