I am the Zambian Representative for African Circular Economy!

Esther Sitali, Zambian Representative for The African Circular Economy

I am very excited to be the Zambian representative of the African Circular Economy Network . I will be involved in sharing ideas that can benefit the social, environmental and economic well-being of Zambians, working with NGO' and government bodies to develop innovation that is long-term and sustainable for Zambians.

In order to have a circular world, where there is fair trade, social well being and environmental accountability. We need every country and everybody to get involved to create that change, I am honoured to be represent Zambia within this network of like minded people, who share the vision of taking Africa to the next level, I wholeheartedly align myself with the vision of the African Circular Economy Network, which is;

".... to build a restorative African economy that generates well-being and prosperity inclusive of all its people through new forms of economic production and consumption which maintain and regenerate its environmental resources."