Reformation - The action or process of reforming an institution or practice

Current globe business practices are clearly not conducive to having a lasting, healthy planet to leave for the coming generations and so of course there needs to be reform, especially within fashion - which just happens to be the second dirtiest industry in the world, second only to OIL (mad right)!

So what reform can stop more adverse results?

Well, thank God, they are geniuses popping up and experimenting with sustainable fashion practices to help stop and even reverse some of the damage our (yes, it has been a collective effort to get to this stage) fashion consumption has created. One brand, that I am in love with, Reformation is tackling this by sourcing sustainable fabrics and vintage garments and producing locally in small batches in sustainable factories - they have invested in a green factory that minimizes their waste, water and energy footprint. 

Reformation, are serious about producing beautiful garments minus the environmental, and social damage many other *brands are still in the habit of using. Check out more from them here:

*Hugo Boss just this month was found to be working with a factory using inhumane practices! read here for more.