Sustainable Streetwear by Wonda Kammer

Streetwear, is hot right now! And yes, I am a little partial to streetwear, I mean I do live in London. And exciting news is that, sustainability has landed on streetwear avenue, so no excuses people! Wonda Kammer, are yet to officially launch, but I am certainly queuing up to buy a top.

Just listen to how cool this brand is, they source ethical fabric from Ghana, via Ethical Apparel Africa, who I love FYI! Ethical Apparel Africa, are also doing truly amazing work, in creating jobs in Africa through fashion by connecting brands like Wonda Kammer to ethical manufacturers across the continent, visionaries!

Wonda Kammer, not only source ethical, but they produce their pieces in Italy, in a sustainable factory! And it doesn't stop there, to offset their CO2, they have partnered with Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty, who planet trees in poor regions of the world, which of course helps to fight against global warming and when planting trees they employ local workers, which helps to alleviate local unemployment.

I mean what a great example of circular fashion.

Every part of from sourcing to production has been clearly planned and executed. I don't know about you, but a round of applause is what I am doing right now. Wonda Kammer, drop mic and exit please ....We love you! 

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Wonda Kammer