Esther Sitali - 'I am an African building Africa' - Africans Building Africa!


I am really excited to be listed amongst the amazing entrepreneurs who are contributing to building Africa.

I am a believer in Trade and not Aid, and I believe in growing partnerships of trade to help eliminate poverty in Africa. Ethical trade, in my opinion, is by far the best form of trade. 

Africa is rich in resources and potential but is lacking in transparent, ethical trade. I do hope that through my own platform NYA Brands and the different trade groups I am working within Africa, I can contribute and leave a legacy of change. I have a huge goal of selling $1 billion worth of African made/ produced goods, this one way in which I can contribute to the lives of many in Africa and with a particular interest in empowering women I believe, creating sustainable channels of trade can economically empower 50,000+ women across the continent of Africa, 

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