How I started selling to retailers

Since my first wholesale order, I have not looked back, I have sold beauty, fashion and food products into retailers and I love getting these orders. I love seeing products, I have worked with on the shelves of retailers. There is a whole lot that I have learnt and I now work with other brand owners to help you fast track your retail orders minus the mistakes I made.

I share this story, because I love retail, I believe every product based business should have a wholesale side and because I want to help as many brand owners as possible to kick start or revamp their wholesale business and thrive selling their products to retail, no matter where in the world they are. Check out my 'How to sell to Retailers guidebook' or book a one on one with me now, so that I can get you ready for wholesale and your products into retailers.

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Confidence, an essential key to getting your products into retail.

The ability to communicate it vital to gaining an audience and having success, if you are unable to communicate your product, vision and brand story it is hard for anyone let alone a retail buyer to buy into what it is you are selling, or attempting to sell.

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Luck! The circular theory from Qu Li, that will boost your positivity and productivity in business

With the 167 days you have left till 2019 commit to increasing your luck by increasing your actions, your output, your energy.

It’s your dream! It’s your business, pursue it with renewed energy this last half of the year. Be determined to tick, tick, tick your goals off.

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What the Apprentice can teach us about the business of wholesale

Wholesale can transform your business from being an unknown brand to being visible to your target audience and creating a sustainable business. Do not miss the opportunity to sell your products to retailers. Start today! 

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