3 Reasons why you should be selling your products to retailers in October 2017!


As you've worked out I quite like wholesale. Yes, I do. I enjoy pitching retailers, I enjoy selling, I enjoy seeing products I have sold into to retailer be sold out and I enjoy making money from wholesale. With wholesale, you can also build a really great network of friends in retail as you have a common agenda, to have happy customers buying your products. I love it. 

So, I want to run through just three reasons why you should be using wholesale for your business regardless of the product you create. 

1. Wholesale allows you to be visible to your target audience.

You can be visible to your end customer, unlike selling from one location whether brick & mortar or online. When you decide to partner with retailers and have a wholesale business you can have retailers stocking your product on Mars literally. Your brand can be in multiple locations and be seen by your target audience quickly in a place they trust and that is familiar to them. So be visible target retailers that match your brand and create a wholesale business now!

2. Wholesale allows you to enter new markets with trusted partners. 

Doing B2C is great, but what happens when you have a good amount of customers in your current locations whether that be in the UK or Nigeria or Russia. Then surely comes the desire to grow. The great thing about selling your products wholesale to retailers is that you can test and enter new markets whilst still being based wherever your brand is. If you wanted to test the waters in Iceland for example, I would always definitely recommend starting with retail partners. They are the voice of their customers, they know what their customers want and can see whether your brand can have a demand in their store. Isn't that great! And you never know if you decide to go to new markets you may just find this is where you have your greatest business.


3. Wholesale allows you to make money.

Like anything you do with your brand, you have to make money. Creating products and not getting paid for them is tough, and annoying. Wholesale, gives you the opportunity to make money. Remeber unlike selling B2C with retailers they will be buying your products in bulk. 10, 20, 50, 100 if not 1000' of units at a time. That is the sound of money. Provided you have correctly done your numbers you can and should make money selling wholesale. 

I would love for you to start your wholesale business this month. 

Do not be scared, step out, go to three shops get feedback start doing business and hey send me an email and let me know how you are doing with it. 

For any guidance check out my guidebook on ' how to sell to retailers