Perfection is actually your enemy


I know, you have heard it a million times. But it is so true. Perfection is the enemy of progress. When I stop and think of all the times I have progressed in any area of my life, I was not necessarily as 'perfect' as I would have liked.

However, waiting for me to be fully perfect will take how long exactly.?....(No-one answer that please! lol), totally rhetorical! 

I remember a few years back I had seen this really cool nail printing machine on The Gadget Show, channel 5. I was amazed, I loved it, I wanted one in my house stat! And me being me I wanted to create a business from it.  

I knew just the retailers to pitch the machine. And so, I stayed up the whole night, looking for where I could get my hands on this machine. I called all over America literally, and the last person I called referred me to a distributor/ manufacturer in Europe! Hooray, so at 5 am believing I could get the machine within a week or so I eventually slept. 

I woke up, so excited and got to work pitching my machine to high street retailers. Yes, you heard me right I pitched a business that I did not yet have. I called the places I believed would be the best fit, Superdrugs, Selfridges, Asda I could just see it everywhere. Who wouldn't want an automatic manicure?

So within 48 hours, I had landed myself appointments to pretty much all the major retail head offices in the UK. I was due for my first major retail meeting on the Friday of that week. Great, right?..well I still hadn't seen an actual machine or tested it. But I called the machines head office and they confirmed it would be sent to the Superdrugs head office before my meeting. 

So I arrived at the head office and quickly figured out how to work the machine as best I could before my pitch. And yes it did go well and was in Superdrug a little after that. And later Selfridges



I would not recommend anyone pitch to retailers without first seeing, touching and testing a product. But I would say, get out of your zone now. You have your product, whether you knit baby clothes. have a range of dresses, make candles or create art.

Go with what you have in your hand now.

Don't wait to make everything perfect. Go with the few products you have ready, share your vision 

Start pitching to retailers in your local area, get them buying into your brand.

Don't wait for perfect! Perfect is an illusion and progress is far more crucial to winning and making money

If you need help getting started, whether sorting out your line sheets or preparing your buyers pack or simply you need coaching so you can sell your products to retailers and make money.

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How to sell to retailers