Greats brand launching into Wholesale!

Greats Sneakers

It does not matter if your brand has traditionally sold directly to the consumer. You can always make the change and diversify your business through wholesale.

One such brand that has recently taken the plunge is Greats Sneakers. Brooklyn based sneaker brand, making handmade Italian style sneakers is going from direct to consumer brand to wholesale! 

Their recent announcement sees the brand launch into wholesale via a partnership with Nordstrom. 

This will see the brand reach new customers and scale their business. When you use wholesale these are the opportunities you have. You can partner with a diverse store and capture new audiences who could well be your new best customers and of course you can grow your brand into multiple locations.

I say well done and congrats to Greats!

If you are considering using a wholesale strategy to grow your business and reach new audiences, get in touch with me I can certainly help you create the right wholesale strategy for your brand and introduce you to the right retailers in the UK.