Your brand/products are an asset to retail


Many creative people I have worked with find selling to retailers daunting. That’s why I wanted to write this piece to help you feel empowered to start selling wholesale no mater what stage of development you are with your brand.

Everyone has a talent, something they do or produce which is unique. The fact that you create something that someone can use to help them dress their dining room table or wear to make themselves feel or look better is so powerful and so precious and guess what? There is a market out there for you and your products;

YES, you can commercialise your candles, jumpers, sandals and bags. You name it there will be retail buyers ready to buy into what you produce.

You do not have to be in Selfridges or Harrods to make money. I actually encourage brands to start and stick with as many independent stores as possible.  When I was selling my own products I had a dream of landing on the shelves of these well-known retailers, but what I found like many others is that there is a cost. Quite literally out of your pocket, due to the endless interest from designers and creators wanting to be in these stores like Macy’ and Selfridges they often really crunch on YOUR margin. But depending on what your long-term wholesale strategy is this might be ok for you, as you maybe seeking out well known retailers as a platform of visibility to others, whatever the case maybe I would strongly urge you to stick with retail buyers where you can make a money, get paid regularly and have more frequent orders and that is typically not in the big well known retailers.

You can start selling your products wholesale literally right now today, even if you are a start up. Once you have the foundations like your line sheet and wholesale catalog you are really ready to go.

Though it may feel scary I want you to understand that you and the retailer are not enemies, a retailer needs YOU as much as you need them. This is a two-way street trust me. You have the same end goal to get customers and to keep these customers happy and coming back to buy. When you start knocking on retail doors please remember this, you are not a pest or a bother you are an equal business partner to the retailer.

Without you being a creator, a producer of goods, a retailer would not exist they need products to sell to their customers, you are coming alongside them to service the demand of their customers.

Please see yourself as who you are. Be confident in your products and partner up with retailers that value your product, you can commercialise what you produce step out and start today.

If you need any assistance in getting your buyers pack ready to start selling contact me and I can guide you through the steps you need to get going selling wholesale.