Confidence, an essential key to getting your products into retail.

Confidence, some have it some don’t right? NO wrong!

Confidence contrary to popular belief is like any other muscle, the more we make a practice of using confidence the more confident we become. Confidence is NOT for a select few. Confidence, is crucial to your business success, you need confidence to take your business and brand where you want. 

And why is confidence, so essential in business? Because confidence does many things for and to you, it boosts you up, to produce high quality work, it allows you to makes moves and not procrastinate on hard or daunting tasks, it opens new doors for you and your business. Proper confidence will elevate your business and take you to new heights. 

To get my products into prestigious Selfridges, there was a level of confidence I had to have to even approach them, to enter their head office and pitch my products, to engage the buyers and negotiate money, locations and styles etc. You can read more about how I went about doing this in my e-book ‘My 7,000,000 mistake'

You need confidence, because it will give you the boost to make you want to talk about your products/ your business in a positive engaging way. In order for your business to get sales, you need to talk about it, whether on your website, Facebook page, Instagram and of course to retail buyers. The only way you can do this, is by being confident about what it is you are offering.

As a producer of candles, coffee mugs, t-shirts or shoes YOU WILL have to sell, it is a fact you cannot get around. In order to get your products from your mind to a store, there is a process. One which, involved using the confidence muscle.

Dreaming and having a vision is one thing, actualising the dream is totally different and one element that will help you to push forward each an every difficult and challenging stage to actualise your dream will be confidence. 

Warren Buffett said the number one key to a successful business, is 'Public speaking' , this may sound like such a odd thing to say, of all the skills needed to 'make' it he listed this at the top one but there are a number of reasons why he like many others believe this to be the greatest key.

The ability to communicate is vital to gaining an audience and having success, if you are unable to communicate your product, vision and brand story it is hard for anyone let alone a retail buyer to buy into what it is you are selling, or attempting to sell. 

As a product-based business owner you have to understand the value you can place on your products, the more you get up and speak about your products, your vision and your inspiration, the higher the likelihood people can and will buy into it, if you speak with confidence. Just think for a minutes of the great business leaders like, Steve Jobs - he used to regularly speak to audiences in and outside his industry to get the message of Apple products across and look where that took him, another great example is, Jamie Kern Lima the billionaire beauty mogul who founded the company IT Cosmetics, she created a billion dollar empire because of her personal pain point, how? She shared her personal pain point, and shared how her range of makeup was addressing her skin issues, this is what captivated women across the world who could empathise with her experience. 

Use confidence, to highlight and speak about why your brand, your products are different and you will be shocked at how people flock. As humans, we are learn and are unified through story-telling it is a powerful psychology tool for you to use to your advantage.

Confidence, many times gets mistaken for being loud and brash. But confidence doesn’t mean that at all, the dictionary describes confidence as;

The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something

When you are running a business that 'someone' you have can rely on has to be you. You had the dream, you had the vision, and you are the only one responsible for bringing that dream to the pass no matter how many years, mistakes and failures it takes. But you will need confidence, to get up and work at it. Confidence, which says, ‘ I trust myself to bring this to pass’

Confidence, will allow you to discuss with buyers, the positive and the commercially attractive points in your business, confidence will allow you to get up and go to network and to tell potential investors and customers the vision you have for your business, when I think of a business like Toms, they are a footwear company, but what makes them different? Is the message, behind the creation of Toms, and how do you and I know that Toms gives away a pair of shoes to children in developing countries that can't afford them? Because the founder regularly gets up and shares this message. Allow yourself to build up the confidence to tell people your dream, your vision and what has motivated you, this is the most unique sales pitch you have and this is what Warren Buffett meant when he said that ‘pubic speaking’ was the no.1 key to success.

Allow retail buyers to buy into what impact you are trying to have in the world and what has motivated you to produce what you are producing.

So then how do you build up confidence, where is this confidence going to come?

Confidence simply comes by doing what you say you will do

So, let's say you have a goal to reach $30k in wholesale sales in two months.

Step 1, would be as I always say to write a detailed plan, a plan of actions you must take to reach your goals, it could look something like getting 6 x 5k orders, by communicating with 200 stores. What happens is the more you do tasks from your action plan that you like and enjoy as well as the difficult and daunting tasks the more you will begin to grow in confidence. You will start to believe and trust in yourself, and this is confidence.

Build up confidence in yourself by executing; ACTION, ACTION, ACTION will help you build confidence. From waking up at the time you said, to working out in the gym, to sending emails.

For example.; You may be terrified like many of my clients of doing a sales call, but once you have had a consultation with me, and we have outlined the best, most positive and commercially attractive points of your brand you should be able to pick up the phone and engage with a buyer. In order to make the task less scary, you can start off by saying I will call 3 stores today and build up that number as you go.

I am telling you right now, once you start ticking off tasks like this, such as calling a retail store, you will have an action plan list with all these activities ticked off that YOU have done and this will be the biggest confidence booster you can have. You will see that, you can rely on/ trust in yourself in your abilities to push your business forward. The more action you do towards your goals, the more you increase confidence that you can do.

Challenge: I would love for you to just make a list of activities you have put off in the past six months, that you know can and will help move your business forward. I then want you to just do one of each of these activities just once within the next two weeks if you live to tell the tale to let me know how it went, how you felt? What results if any did you have from taking those actions? How do you feel afterwards?

If you would like some help on getting confident in how you can present your products to retail buyers, book a consultation with me. Let's get your business where it should be, stop doubting yourself and procrastinating.