E-Book How To Sell Your Products to Retailers

E-Book How To Sell Your Products to Retailers


Hi, I’m Esther, the wholesale whisperer.

I am wholesale consultant and the founder of NYA Brands a B2B marketplace for ethical & sustainable brands. I help creative people make money from their products by training them on how to sell to retailers anytime anywhere. Why?

I remember at the age of 24, opening the email and seeing the confirmed proforma invoice of 15,000 units, I just made £4000 in one go! I couldn’t believe it! I have never felt such a buzz, such accomplishment, and such a win like getting that huge order. It is a feeling I loved so much that I just kept on selling wholesale and since then I have sold all kinds of products to independent retailers and national chain retailers. And I want the same for you.

I love wholesale, I love seeing products that I have worked with land on retail shelves, and I love seeing products I have worked with online and selling out. It is one of the best feelings for me, to see consumers enjoy creative products through partnering with these retailers and making huge sums of money.

Though I have been consulting with brands for some years now, I wanted to do more to help more people make money from their products.

So I have written this guidebook, so that no matter what level of experience you may have or no matter where you are in the world you can step out and sell your products to retailers, understanding all it entails and making a living from selling to retailers.

I want everyone who reads this book to have that feeling I felt when I landed my first wholesale order, once you get a taste you’d love it too.

So lets get your wholesale business off the ground!


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